A classic track

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Ah, the brilliance of Massive Attack!

Also lovin’ Katy B

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Another brilliant track, heard on radio 1 yesterday. A bit different to Funeral Party, but still a good tune. Lets hope commercial radio stations don’t play this to death, like everything else! Mind you, I’d rather listen to this than, ehm lets think, JLS, Robbie Williams or Katy Perry, all of which severely offend my little sticky out ears.

Lovin’ the sound of Funeral Party

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Heard this track on the Zane Lowe show on Radio 1 on my drive home last night. It proved tricky to stick to the 40mph limit listening to this. It rocks!

Carnival 2010

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Colour always inspires me. Its what drives me to paint and what excites me in photography. I’d be happy just sitting in an empty room if there was colour all around, its life, energy and emotion. These photographs of carnivals around the world are full of vivid and fantastical colour I love them! Take a look at more of these wonderful carnival images here. Below are a few of my favorites.

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