My pick of the web’s best funny dog photos

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A few photos that made me titter. Some of them look very familiar. Ehm Max…….

Life below the fold

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I’ve been designing web sites for many years now and there’s always been an argument that the key messages should always be above the fold. Clients and marketing departments perceive keeping everything above the 600px fold as a “rule” of web design. This article argues that this like squashing all the important content of a newspaper on to the front page. If you need to argue a case for white space or a site that requires scrolling this is a great article to point clients towards.

Carnival 2010

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Colour always inspires me. Its what drives me to paint and what excites me in photography. I’d be happy just sitting in an empty room if there was colour all around, its life, energy and emotion. These photographs of carnivals around the world are full of vivid and fantastical colour I love them! Take a look at more of these wonderful carnival images here. Below are a few of my favorites.

Elevator Psychology

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A classic candid camera clip, really funny and fascinating at the same time.

Stunning B&W Wildlife Photography – Nick Brandt

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Take a look at some stunning B&W wildlife photographs by the photographer Nick Brandt here:

This is one of my favourites.

Vintage Design

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As you can see from the style of my site I love vintage design. I get a kick out of websites that create an atmosphere and have a distinct look and feel. Here’s a fantastic example of this style at Targetscope a Dallas based agency:



Blunt Card

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Have you visited Blunt Card? It lets you send outrageous e-cards which teeter on the brink of bad taste at all times. The image below is extremely tame by comparison to the rest. Don’t visit this site if you are easily offended. If you like irreverent humour and downright cheek, take a look and provoke a friend.


Some of the World’s strangest buildings

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There are some amazing buildings worldwide. Take a look at these fantastical structures.

I quite fancy living in this one!

33 of the world's strangest buildings

The Puppini Sisters website

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I really enjoyed the look and feel of the Puppini Sisters website. Its a great flash website which creates a distinctive environment, effectively reflecting the essence of the Puppini Sister’s style.

Puppini Sisters' website

Puppini Sisters' website

Exit Through the Gift Shop

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‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’ the new Banksy film had its debut at the Sundance Film Festival and is released in the UK on the 5th of March. I know what I’ll be doing that day! Can’t wait. Here’s the trailer:

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